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Created in 1955 by Brulerie Moderne in Cameroun, this iconic coffee brand was the first packaged and distributed across French speaking Africa. 

Café Lion

An instant flavour hit. Accessible to all, the name says it all. Café Le Lion is a strong coffee blend with extra punch and flavour.

Café des Planteurs

Café des Planteur pays homage to all farmers growing our incredible coffee.
The coffee cherries used grow under prime conditions and... 

Nji Papou

Discover a wonderful world of exotic fruits. We only use ripe and whole fresh fruits, harvested in season. For more than two decades Nji Papou’s 100% natural jam recipes and honey have been some of the sweetest and tastiest treats.

Comptoir Tropical

We offer a variety of tropical spices, seasoning mixes, extracts and peppers - with aromas that awaken our emotions. No matter what you choose, with our pure herbs and spices you can create the most tasteful unique dishes.


Exobois’s handcrafted pepper and salt mills feature a classic design and modern technology. The grinder’s heavy duty mechanism is perfect for grinding peppercorns, with an adjustable knob for a finer or coarser grind. 

Brûlerie Moderne

All our coffee blends are made from 100% locally sourced arabica and robusta grains, traditionally roasted and carefully packaged at our state of the art factory.

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Our Coffee brands
Nji Papou
Comptoir Tropical

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