Created in 1955 by Brulerie Moderne in Cameroun, this iconic coffee brand was the first packaged and distributed across French speaking Africa. The recipe has remained unchanged ever since!

A truly unique flavour profile to enjoy.

Available in several arabica and robusta blends, espresso is often the preferred way to enjoy the robusta richer blends of Philber, as it offers a lovely crema that is thicker and with deeper flavor tones.

Cafe le Lion

An instant flavour hit. Accessible to all, the name says it all. Café Le Lion is a strong coffee blend with extra punch and flavour.

Cafe des Planteurs

Café de Planteur pays homage to all farmers growing our incredible coffee.
The coffee cherries used grow under prime conditions and are carefully handpicked when ripe.
The beans are roasted to perfection to reveal full-bodied coffee with a distinctive flavour that speaks of Earth; a bit grainy with fruity tones which settles nicely on your tongue.

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Brûlerie Moderne

All our coffee blends are made from 100% locally sourced arabica and robusta grains, traditionally roasted and carefully packaged at our state of the art factory.

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