Nji Papou


Our jams are made in our factory in accordance with the seasons, with fruits picked at maturity, which fully retain their aromas and the old fashioned way: 80% fruit! As in the days of grandmothers.
Available in 325g and 120g.





All our honey are available in 325g and 120g to kept in a cool (< 15 °C) dry place , away from light and humidity. 

Miel Cafeiers

Miel Des Cafeiers

This honey produced by bees from the high mountain regions of Cameroon is naturally harvested and extracted cold .

Miel des Montagnes

This pure, raw honey from bee hives spread across the coffee plantations in the Noun region is naturally harvested and extracted cold. 

Miel Blanc d'Oku

This world famous creamy Honey originating from Oku, Cameroon is naturally harvested and extracted cold.

Brûlerie Moderne

All our coffee blends are made from 100% locally sourced arabica and robusta grains, traditionally roasted and carefully packaged at our state of the art factory.

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Nji Papou
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